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East Midlands History & Heritage magazine issue 8 out now!

The latest edition of East Midlands History & Heritage magazine includes the following articles:

    • The fighting member back to ‘The House’: Oliver Locker-Lampson, the Conservative Party and the 1918 Coupon Election in Huntingdonshire.
    • The Bayley (Red Cross) Auxiliary Hospital, Nottingham 1914 to 1919
    • “Peace Day” celebrations in Derby
    • ‘These splendid lads’: Leicester’s Clarendon Park in the Great War
    • The effect of the First World War on Mountsorrel Quarry
    • The Sherwood Forester and the surgeon who changed the face of plastic surgery
    • Leicestershire’s contribution to saving the nation from starvation.
    • Working for the Commonwealth War Graves Commission
    • 1918: the perspectives of a Lincolnshire home front poet
    • The Great War and its consequences: Building an archive

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East Midlands History & Heritage magazine issue 7 out now!

The latest edition of East Midlands History & Heritage magazine includes the following articles:

    • Voices from the archives: The Ladies of Ogston Hall
    • The National Leather Collection
    • Derby pubs and breweries during the Great War
    • Nottingham’s Great Gunpowder Explosion of September 1818
    • The National Leather Collection
    • To volunteer or not: explaining Leicestershire’s recruitment crisis, 1914-
    • Wollaton Hall
    • The newly built personality of Ralph Lord Cromwell
    • The roads of Wakerley
    • Stand Firm – Civil Defences in Newark During World War II
    • The Napoleonic Wars at home
    • Stand Firm – Civil Defences in Newark During World War II
    • Writing history

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East Midlands History & Heritage magazine issue 6 out now!

The latest edition of East Midlands History & Heritage magazine includes the following articles:

  • The consequences of the Great War: Observations
    from Nottingham
  • ‘Wealthy women, bankers and clothworkers’: The lives of the nonconformist families of Brewhouse Yard, Nottingham, 1650-1750
  • RAF Balderton during the Second World War
  • Refuge in the rock: The use of Nottingham’s caves in times of war
  • The mothers of Mapperley Asylum
  • Stories from the Stone Wood – A thousand years of Charnwood life
  • Lost legends: Capturing the hidden cultural contribution of the African and African Caribbean community in the UK
  • Leicestershire’s toy story
  • Exploring the East Midlands: Involving communities in historic environment research
  • Henry Bowdon – Tales from the life of a Derbyshire country Squire
  • The Leicester Coffee and Cocoa House Company Limited

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East Midlands History & Heritage magazine issue 5 out now!

The latest edition of East Midlands History & Heritage magazine includes the following articles:
  • Entertaining the community: hospital fundraising before the NHS
  • Political biographies of the early women councillors on Nottingham City Council 1920-1930
  • Preserving local history on film
  • Young criminals on the march through the East Midlands
  • The Row that Barber built
  • ‘Danse Macabre’–Witnessing the Black Death in Northamptonshire through manorial records
  • East Midlands Airport: From local airfield to regional hub
  • The stones of Wakerley Bridge
  • The social world of Nottingham’s green spaces
  • The Fearon fountain

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Leicestershire Green Plaque Awards Scheme

The Leicestershire County Council Green Plaque Awards are awarded to people and places around the county, nominated and voted for by the people of Leicestershire.

The shortlist has been announced and you can now vote for your favourites. There are six commemorative plaques to award and the last day to vote is Monday 31 July 2017.

To vote please use the online voting form.

Here are the 12 shortlisted nominees, click on a name to find out more:

East Midlands History & Heritage magazine issue 4 out now!

The latest edition of East Midlands History & Heritage magazine includes the following articles:
  • Thomas Hemsworth and Ashbourne Malt by Peter Collinge
  • ‘It is on the lives of infants that unhealthy influences have their deadliest effects’: Combating  Infant mortality in Nottingham and Leicester, 1890-1910 by Denise Amos
  • Supporting king and constitution: expressions of loyalism in Leicestershire, 1792-3 by Pamela J Fisher
  • 1916: The perspectives of a Lincolnshire home front poet by Andrew Jackson
  • Cavendish Bridge The 70th anniversary of a 20th-century disaster by Jenni Dobson
  • Fieldwalking with Leicestershire Fieldworkers by Kathleen E Elkin
  • The workhouse: a lasting legacy by Katherine Onion and Samantha Ball
  • The Militia Lists and family history by Matthew McCormack

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East Midlands History & Heritage Magazine, Issue 3 out now!

magazine-vol-3--coverThe latest edition of East Midlands History & Heritage magazine has the theme of ‘hidden voices’ and articles include:
  • Battle-scarred: Surgery, medicine and military welfare during the British Civil Wars
  • “Slave-trade legacies: The colour of money”: Nottingham-based Heritage Project, finalist for National Lottery Awards 2016
  • Voices from the past: The search for medieval graffiti in Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire
  • Asylums at war: Duston War Hospital, 1916-1919
  • Silent voices of the Lincolnshire poor
  • The Pentrich Revolution Bicentenary 1817 – 2017 and the strange case of ‘Oliver the Spy’
  • ‘For those women have got pluck’: The Women’s Social and Political Union in Loughborough
  • What is happening at Delapré Abbey and why do we need you?
  • Step back in time at the 1620s House and Garden, Donington le Heath
  • Menace or inconvenience? Nottingham City’s response to the 1913 Mental Deficiency Act
  • Night tales: The incident of the Rufford Park Poachers

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Explore a virtual 19th century Nottingham textile factory at Sneinton on 9 July


Image courtesy of the Backlit Gallery

The Backlit Gallery in Sneinton is hosting a ‘immersive Virtual Reality experience’ on 9 July. By wearing a VR headset visitors will be able to explore the sights and sounds of the textile factory of I&R Morley as it looked in the late 19th century.

The VR experience is part of a day of events at Backlit on 9 July, from 12 noon to 5pm, which will be devoted to Sneinton and the life and legacy of Samuel Morley (1809-1886), a Nottingham MP, textile manufacturer, social reformer and philanthropist.

The Backlit Gallery is at Alfred House, Ashley Street, Sneinton, Nottingham NG3 1JG.

‘The Labrador Companion’ by Captain George Cartwright

George Cartwright in Labrador

Three years ago, “The Labrador Companion” was discovered in Yorkshire. This is a previously unknown manuscript written by Captain George Cartwright (1739-1819) about his years spent in Labrador.  It is both an instructional text unlike any others related to the early fur trade in eastern North America, and it is also a text about natural history observations.

Cartwright was born at the manor house in Marnham, on the banks of the River Trent in Nottinghamshire, and went on to become a pioneer settler in Labrador in the far north east of Canada. He was nick-named ‘Labrador’ Cartwright having lived for nearly 16 years in these sub-arctic lands hunting and collecting animals and skins for export.

This annotated edition, published by McGill-Queen’s University Press, transcribes ‘The Labrador Companion’ in full. Cartwright documented the everyday work of Labrador’s particular kind of fur-trade life based on his experiences operating a series of merchant stations in southern Labrador between 1770 and 1786.—s-the-labrador-companion-products-9780773548060.php?page_id=105621&#!prettyPhoto

The Lincolnshire Landscape by Jon Fox

lincs-landscapesA new book about the landscape of Lincolnshire has been published recently.

The book ‘explores the diverse landscapes within the historic county, revealing and interpreting both their natural and human heritage in an informative and accessible way.’

The book is available now in bookshops and visitor attractions across Lincolnshire and neighbouring areas, and can also be ordered through the author’s website,