East Midlands History & Heritage magazine issue 4 out now!

The latest edition of East Midlands History & Heritage magazine includes the following articles:
  • Thomas Hemsworth and Ashbourne Malt by Peter Collinge
  • ‘It is on the lives of infants that unhealthy influences have their deadliest effects’: Combating  Infant mortality in Nottingham and Leicester, 1890-1910 by Denise Amos
  • Supporting king and constitution: expressions of loyalism in Leicestershire, 1792-3 by Pamela J Fisher
  • 1916: The perspectives of a Lincolnshire home front poet by Andrew Jackson
  • Cavendish Bridge The 70th anniversary of a 20th-century disaster by Jenni Dobson
  • Fieldwalking with Leicestershire Fieldworkers by Kathleen E Elkin
  • The workhouse: a lasting legacy by Katherine Onion and Samantha Ball
  • The Militia Lists and family history by Matthew McCormack

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