Loughborough History and Heritage Network

loughborough-town-hallThe Loughborough History and Heritage Network was launched in December 2014 as a collaboration between Loughborough University and Charnwood Museum.

Our aim is to:

  • foster discussion about the history and heritage of Loughborough and Charnwood by bringing  together interested individuals and groups
  • provide a platform for sharing information about local history and heritage
  • enhance collaboration between Loughborough University and community history organisations

Our features range from the Loughborough Workhouse Elections of 1893 to Indian Thought and the shadow of Lord Macaulay (a talk by Sir Christopher Bayly at Rothley Temple); there is also an account of the career of Walter Freud (Sigmund’s grandson), who was arrested during his chemistry exam at Loughborough College, then interned but ended the war  in the Special Operation Executive, and much more.

We welcome contributions.

We are holding a Community History Day at Burleigh Court (Loughborough University) on Sunday, 21st June, 10.00 am – 5.00 pm.

Entry is free but please contact Karen Ette at K.M.Ette@lboro.ac.uk if you want to come.


Dr Robert Knight
Department of Politics, History
and International Relations
Loughborough University