East Midlands History & Heritage magazine issue 4 out now!

The latest edition of East Midlands History & Heritage magazine includes the following articles: Thomas Hemsworth and Ashbourne Malt by Peter Collinge ‘It is on the lives of infants that unhealthy influences have their deadliest effects’: Combating  Infant mortality in Nottingham and Leicester, 1890-1910 by Denise Amos Supporting king and constitution: expressions of loyalism in Leicestershire, 1792-3 by Pamela J Fisher 1916: The perspectives of a Lincolnshire home frontMore »

East Midlands History & Heritage Magazine, Issue 3 out now!

The latest edition of East Midlands History & Heritage magazine has the theme of ‘hidden voices’ and articles include: Battle-scarred: Surgery, medicine and military welfare during the British Civil Wars “Slave-trade legacies: The colour of money”: Nottingham-based Heritage Project, finalist for National Lottery Awards 2016 Voices from the past: The search for medieval graffiti in Derbyshire & NottinghamshireMore »

‘The Labrador Companion’ by Captain George Cartwright

Three years ago, “The Labrador Companion” was discovered in Yorkshire. This is a previously unknown manuscript written by Captain George Cartwright (1739-1819) about his years spent in Labrador.  It is both an instructional text unlike any others related to the early fur trade in eastern North America, and it is also a text about naturalMore »

The Lincolnshire Landscape by Jon Fox

A new book about the landscape of Lincolnshire has been published recently. The book ‘explores the diverse landscapes within the historic county, revealing and interpreting both their natural and human heritage in an informative and accessible way.’ The book is available now in bookshops and visitor attractions across Lincolnshire and neighbouring areas, and can also be ordered through theMore »

East Midlands History & Heritage Magazine, Issue 2 out!

A wide variety of historical articles in the latest edition of East Midlands History & Heritage: letters from Charlie Clarke on the Western Front to his girlfriend back in Gainsborough; the trial and execution in 1823 of three men convicted of sodomy; defamation in Nottinghamshire in the early modern period; The Battle of Waterloo and Nottinghamshire’s ‘chosen men’; the Reformatory at MountMore »

Innovation in Museum Displays project

Innovation in Museum Displays was led by Professor Graham Black and Deborah Skinner, lecturers at the Nottingham Trent University Centre for Museum and Heritage Management. They were supported by Stephen LeMottee and Charlotte Pratley, of East Midlands Museums Service. The aim of Innovation in Museum Displays was to encourage dialogue between the museum and the userMore »

Time Team archaeologist Carenza Lewis leads Lincolnshire dig for teenagers

Aspiring archaeologists have uncovered coins, medieval pottery and animal teeth and bones in a two-day excavation with archaeologist and television presenter Professor Carenza Lewis. Schoolchildren from across Lincolnshire unearthed the discoveries as part of the Lincolnshire Higher Education Field Academy (HEFA), a new collaboration between the University of Lincoln and the University of Cambridge aimedMore »

Take a part of the Northamptonshire archive home!

The Northamptonshire Archive, based at Wootton Hall Park in Northampton, has launched a range of high quality products featuring selected images from the archive collection.  Exclusively available online , each item is produced to order and delivered to the customer’s address. Whether it’s a quirky mug, some Christm as cards or a beautiful framed print,More »